Can You Fit the Rack and Keep the Seat Hump on a Centauro

Does anyone know if you can fit the standard Moto Guzzi Rack and still keep the seat hump on a Centauro GT? I have the rack fitted and have some parts of the seat hump but am short of the fixing brackets. I don’t want to source or make the brackets and then find the two parts cannot be used together.


We had the V 10 red and white sport for a few years we were lucky we also had the touring seat and rack never saw one with that rack and a seat hump fitted when Ken and dot the previous owner went touring they had the givi system fitted to fall back on .

Just noticed the front fixings are part of the seat and the rear hook goes under it so probably yes.
Have you seen ?
Bloke on Guzzitech told me about it, blindingly useful.