Can you measure your front forks please?

I am building a ‘special’ based on a LeMans IV with the 16" front wheel.
The 40mm front forks are hard to find.
If you have either a Tonti LeMans with 18" wheel and 40mm forks or an 1100 California with same, please could you measure the overall length of the fork, excluding any air valve or dial on the top, so I can work out what other fork options I have.
Many thanks in advance - Steve A (ex Monza, ex LeMans II, ex 1100 Sport)

Hi Steve,
Just seen some bitubo cali 111 forks on Ebay, might be worth a look .
Can measure my 1000s ones if you need the info.

Hi Steve

I have a set of 40mm forks. 795mm from spindle centre to top of Stanchion, not including top nut.

Stanchions are good. Bottom Sliders are in need of TLC. If you want them they are yours to collect.

Regards, Nik

Sounds about right. There’s a workshop manual on the “thisoldtractor” site , which you might find useful. It includes fork measurements - 796.5mm.


Hi Nik,
That’s the right length - where abouts are you?
Steve A

Hi Andrew,
Thanks for replying.
I have a parts list but Guzzi seem to give the same part a different part number for each application. I’ll have a look at ‘thisoldtractor’.
Steve A

Hi Phil,
Thanks for replying.
I’ll have a look but I already have Brembo P8 calipers to re-build so I need compatible forks.
Steve A

Those forks are the p8 caliper ones :+1:

I’m in Chichester West Sussex, PO20 2EU

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