Caponard front mudguard and Graphics

I have had a Caponard Carbon-effect front mudguard fitted to stop at mid being thrown all over my V85TT engine. To make it blend on I also ordered some graphics from Mark Anstey Prints. These match the V85 TT Travel graphics to blend in the new mudguard. The graphics need to be trimmed and you need a hot air gun to finish the job but I am very pleased with the result which looks very professional as the graphics are high quality and fit perfectly.

Photo would be nice?

I’ve seen his website, the stickers look good, but i decided to stick with the black guard/pyramid plastic extender.

Interesting solution…

I’ve added a 12v power outlet…convenient beyond description…phone leads don’t vibrate out as they do when using the factory usb…

Hi, two pictures attached. The graphics come in different colours/designs to suit different V85 TT models.

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very nice, no bubbles either

Yes, the instructions are good. You remove the backing except a central strip and work out from there. I used a heat gun to warm the film which then becomes very pliable and can be stuck down carefully. No problem provided you work methodically and carefully. As you said, no bubbles, no tears, no folds, no creases.

To be honest I didn’t find the fitting that straightforward. I used the ‘wet method’ having used it in the past for PPF and other large stickers though maybe I’m just cack-handed :joy:

It was almost as if the stickers weren’t a 100% accurate size match to the area they were applied to; almost however not quite.

Now they’re on they look fine and I’m just making the comment as a note of caution to anyone contemplating fitting them as they aren’t exactly a cheap purchase. It all comes down to your confidence in your ability to fit them.

Thanks for posting. I was looking to do the same. Close up they remind me of skiing boots on a thin leg. I need to see the whole bike picture to get them in perspective. Perhaps I will get to see them in the flesh sometime. Incidentally, Now I have fitted the front mudguard I am thinking of removing the original beak to make my V85 look a bit more traditional. Anyone done that?

wingsgeo on youtube did that to his I think

Many thanks, had a search round using that info but failed. I am not in a hurry. Guzziati never are,

he sold his v85tt a while ago but if you go back through old videos he made quite a few of it when he had it

i might be mixing him up with another YouTube, watched a few of his old v85 videos and can’t see one with the beak off just no screen

I had a look myself, tend to think it has gone. Many thanks for your efforts. I have found a pic and enclose for info.

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looks like it was made that way, not bad at all.

Here is a photo of how the lower fork graphics look in context of the whole machine.

Interesting changes the appearance a lot…l have the same screen which suits my riding style…i might consider making the mudguard swap…