Carb Balancing

Has anyone got or used these for balancing the carbs on the guzzi

A simple U tube manometer is far easier to use and much cheaper Ray. If you have standard air filters, this one may not be accurate as it won’t take the filter into account. Fine if you have open bell mouths.I use ATF in mine, as opposed to water, damps it down a bit.
Brian UK2012-12-28 22:38:48

Hi Brian
its ok itsthe first time i have seen them
i have a set with vacum gauges on and the type with the metal rods in

Whatever you use you need a restrictor in the vac pipe or it will never balance and the old morgan mercury filled ones are lethal if you suck the mercury into the engine.

Bin there done that, I assume it just went through the engine and out the exhaust ! I’m still around to tell the tale. Just a bit of extra upper cylinder lubricant.
Don-Spada2012-12-28 01:01:54

I have no restrictor in the vac pipe, apart from the home made nipples which are drilled to 2.5mm.

The metal rod type Morgan Carbtune has always produced good results for me although a ‘U’ tube is more accurate still as it is a closed system and does not rely on calibration between the two sides of the gauge.

I use a pair of Davida gauges, simple to connect up and use. Reading through the instructions tells you there is no great need to worry about the actual readings just try and get the positioning the same.

Brian, that link you posted for “U Tube Monometer”, I get a server error 404 popping up when I try to get onto it, any chance you have the address for the link?

Try again. It’s in the tech section of the main website anyway.


this is my tool so it is


for balancing, you don’t need to know actual figures, all you want is to get both sides the same. Thus the manometer is the best, most accurate way. Always reliable too.For those who want something a little more portable, the Twinmax could be the next best thing. I have one too, and it is simplicity itself to use.