carb float adjustment

Hi all, have just finished putting back together my 1974 Elderado, after having given it a lot of tlc and a few replacement parts during the winter months. After which the only thing to give concern is a flooding carb, the first thing I want to try is to set the float height as I think it may be slightly too high, but before taking a pair of pliers to the metal parts and maybe doing the wrong thing and damaging something, I thought Id better check for the right procedure, cant seem to find any info from This old Tractor or any other source, no doubt someone out there has had to do this and could kindly let m know. Many thanks.

Before you take the pliers to the float height check that the needle valve is clear and in good condition,

I think so too, float height won’t stop it flooding. By which I presume you mean it pours out?

Hi, thanks for your replies, fuel does steadily keep flowing, float needle looks good but will try a new one, and will also have a better look at the needle seat.

Check how the float fits in the bowl. I have heard of some deforming and catchig on the sides, presmably another effect of ethanol in the fuel.
The float in one of my Lemans used to stick very occasionally, well before the days of ethanol. A whack with the blunt end of a screwdriver usually sorted it out.

Good point, swelling or accumulated crud could make it snag on the sides.

Just to finalise this, think ive found the problem, took carb off rested it upright in a container, put the chock assembly back in put a length of fuel line to the fuel inlet, funnel on the end of tube and poured some petrol in, yes fuel was flowing out around top of bowl area and fuel inlet but not from vent hole, kept wiping it dry and watched, narrowed it down to the fuel inlet I think the banjo plastic and gauze filter have become a bit hard and brittle so have 2 new ones on there way.


If poss forget the plastic banjos, get the metal ones.Apart from new filter screens (always a good idea) there is also a fibre washer for the bolt head in case you don’t know.

Also be careful putting too much welly on the bolt doing it up, yes some folks have found theirs have been stripped out by PO. :frowning: