Carbs gunged?

Before I started playing with my convert it was running fine. Now upon starting it is running very lumpily and I have black smoke from the exhaust, which seems to signify that it is running rich.I thought it was the fact that I had neglected to screw the carb tops down at first , but it is still not right. The choke seems to be functioning correctly, what else can I look at before I start to twiddle?The bike has stood for a few months, would that have gunged up the carbs and would that make it run rich?

More likely the choke bud check they are returning and also check the tiny neoprene ring at the top has sealed…Also that the carb slide has seated properly they can stick …

Check you have the floats assembled properly and that they are shutting off the fuel supply. Over rich mixture can be caused by a sticking float.

Anything limiting air flow? Have found ‘lost’ cloths and latex gloves on air filters in the pastThe chokes can sometimes stick in the last part of the venturi. They appear to be closing but have just enough gap to let excess fuel through. I’ve used a 4" piece of soft wire with a 1/4" right angle at the end to check this. Carb top off, lift the choke plunger, pop in the wire and drop the plunger gently. If it ‘bites’ the plunger is pretty much home.On the other hand…Best of luckSteve

Thanks folks, run out of time for a day or three, the missus is back from Norfolk this evening .Bike out of conservatory, back into shed, frantic cleaning, tidying, and polishing to try and sort the place out before the inevitable happens. House work tends to come second to fettling the bike! I’m doomed - Doomed!

LOOK you just look her in the eyes and say “Love it’s THE BIKE!” … oh yeah have a cuppa Tea ready and some flowers, always helps… Mind I do not have a problem I am very lucky I have an Annie …

If it’s been stood a few months, and with these probs I would have to consider stripping and cleaning the fuel system and carbs. Back in the days of 4-star, or even the earliest unleaded, you could leave it for ages and it would still work OK, not any more I’m afraid.

There IS a Moreys additive you can add to fuel keeps it useable I highly reccomend it.

My V 1000 started playing up … had to replace fuel lines they were all soggy n gunged, new in line fuel filters, full of crap, then new plugs, cleaned the carbs and replaced the “o” rings on the chokes.

Also while I was at it a clean and vaseline on the Batt terminals and coil LT side and as the brake light wires had corroded and gone hard I replaced those, well they have connectors after a few inches making it easy to do, all in all a bit of a service and it is all good 16:45:22

Jmee did you change the fuel pipes at all, if not do it mate the old stuff really does go manky in ethanol

I got a link for this (?)

Thanks again guys, I have work to do this week and it’s too cold for a night or two in the shed + my lighting is not the best. I will try and squeeze some daylight hours in, if I can.I want it ready for Spring weather.

Daft idea but after seeing Min’s post …check the carb slides are in correctly you CAN put them in backto front causing a problem as they do not then fully close, done it myself some yrs ago but Min reminded me of it.

Yes, I was reading that and thought I would check everything said there too.The only thing I have done to the carbs is remove the tops to change the throttle cables for longer ones, as I have changed to Cali bars. So, it is possible that I might have got the slides wrong.My choke is a single flip to affair linked to both cables, so I’ll give that the once over too.

Do those flip up choke levers at Gutsibits actually fit on the carbs and get rid of the cables? That would be good.

They do but the right hand one is a pain to get too as it is behind the cables etc. I would say you are better sorting the cables and flip lever out so it works properly. Straighten the cables if they have become kinked (or renew) and get plenty of oil down them so the move freely The make sure you have a bit of free play when the choke is off.

The cable ones work fine have done for the past 37+ yrs on mine buddy, as Don says get the OEM working as it should and they are not a problem To be fair I hardly ever have to use it any way and to try and flip both open then closed would just NOT work when starting mine at all as it only ever needs a whiff of “choke”

I will fiddle and fettle and see what happens.

Most folk I know who do away with the twin cable flip find they can manage fine fitting a direct flip to just one carb.Big blocks don’t tend to need the choke for long, and enriching one carb is enough to start up.