hi info req please v65 sp carbs phbh30 bs and bd when looking at the rear of the bs /left without the air filter pipes fitted there are two 5 mm threaded holes in the body one at the top left and is open to the starter valve /choke area and the other one is bottom right in to carb should they be blanked the bd/right is the same but but the top one is at the right and the bottom one is left they to mount the air filter pipes

Hi Jim

If you take a look on the Eurocarb website, you will find an expoded diagram of the carb components.
It sounds like one should have the choke (Cold start) plunger fitted in, not sure on the t’other one off the top of my head. Could it be the fuel inlet?

There is also a very good selection of carb manuals etc on this site

hi don-spada if you look at my post i asked what the 5mm threaded hole that is drilled and goes in to the area of the cold start plunger orifice looking from the rear and the other in to the body of the carb not from the top or sides can not find on any dellorto books did a air filter bolt to them on some bikes?

Sorry, misread what you were getting at. Just had a look at an old picture of one of mine. It would be these two you are talking about

Can’t say I’ve ever noticed them before, but they do look to be open on this one.

yes they are the ones i am asking about i was that the top one is open to the choke and should it have a blank in it.

Just guessing but middle one supplies air for needle jet (and is nicely lined up with), offset one supplies air for idle jet? (Which is also offset to one side as I recall).


Mike, not those two holes at the bottom, the OP was asking about the other two that are threaded M5 at 4 and 10 o’clock

Jim I think the holes you are asking about are for mounting the standard solid plastic manifold elbow pipes that connect to the airbox.

That would suggest they should be blanked off, if you are not fitting the manifolds, although i have just checked my Lario parts list and it doesn’t show any bolts fixing them.