CARC Bits for Sale

Helibars - SOLD
Removed from my 2005 Breva 1100 before I sold it.
I believe that they also fit the early Norges - ie not rubber mounted bars.
Bring the bars up and back about 25mm

Risers from a 1200 Sport. - SOLD
I got these to go with some Mana bars (already sold), before I got the Helibars to improve the riding positing for me.
My research was out of wack as instead of bring the bars up and back, it took them down and forward!

Used Idle control valve - SOLD
It’s the plastic version and ended up as a spare but functions as it should

Set Clocks
The LCD doesn’t work, but no sign or water damage.
I bought them to cannibalise to replace the LCD on my old clocks

I thought that I’d offer these to club members before they go onto E-bay

PM me if you’re interested in any of these items