I want to lower the seat height on my Bellagio as my legs seem to be getting shorter. Last year, at the German event, Paul Harris told me of a Stelvio? owner who had fitted a non standard bell crank that connects the bottom of the suspension unit to the swing arm. This apparently had a longer vertical arm and so allowed the swing arm to rise higher and so lower the seat height. He said that this owner found that it lowered the back end too much and adversely affected the handling so he had it removed. Since then, Paul has not been able to find who this person is to give me contact details.
So - if you read this and either are this person or can tell me who he is I would like contact details to discuss whether I can buy this item to try on the Bellagio : Otherwise I will probably get one made up and perhaps offer same for sale to others

If you have the original black Bella the rear shock is a bit longer than that fitted to the Luxe version so a swap of rear shock might help.
If you see both versions together there is a distinct difference in the ride height.

Another quick and easy fix is to drop the fork yokes down the legs approx 20mm. This also gives slightly quicker steering.

Thanks Ray,

I was aware of the different shocks but the shorter one costs over £500 and gives a harder ride - neither of which I like

Also dropping the front will make the already down at the front saddle less comfortable - I would like to drop the back end of the saddle to stop me sliding forwards

Looks like a bit of trial and error experimentation with the links may be the only option then.

Funny I find my Luxe version has quite a soft ride at the rear though. :smiley:

I’d imagine that if you talk to Hagon they could make something to your requirements for less than £500. And sounds like maybe you want to get the seat remodelled anyway?

As an aside; would fooling with rear suspension geometry not have some effect on UJ life?

How about having the seat remodelled? Take a bit of foam out (I don’t know how well the Bellagio is stuffed…)

Have found that gaining about 5 stone helps lower the back end :stuck_out_tongue:

Just a thought - if you do find a modified linkage try to make sure that the repositioned tie rods do not obscure the damping adjuster at the bottom of the shock absorber.

On my Stelvio (stock suspension), I have to physically compress the suspension to move the linkage to the point where there is just enough clearance to get a screwdriver in above the tie rods to effect the adjustment.

Usually, this means hanging myself like a monkey by one hand on the grab rail but a more sensible method is use a strap.

Just something to watch out for & good luck with your search.