CARC Output Seal

Hello fellow Guzzisti.

I have recently (and successfully) replaced the main seal of the CARC on my Breva 1100. It would seem that we can expect these seals to start to fail at about 30,000 miles.

Reluctant to spend £50+ on the Guzzi part I got mine from Eriks Industrial Services Ltd ( for ~£25. They have service centres all over the UK and are also good for bearings, circlips, etc.

The Guzzi part spec. is 85(I/D) x 110(O/D) x 8(Width) BASL

(BASL specifies the type of seal together with a back-up dust seal)

I found it next to impossible to match the width of 8mm but 10mm is easily available and fits OK.
It is important to get a viton seal in order to handle the temperature range encountered.

Got a normal nitrile seal from my local bearing place for £9 been in about 15000 miles no probelms yet.

The 10mm one is standard on BMW.The temperature range wil be nowhere near as high as the engine and given that it is one of the easier seals to replace…
Brian UK2012-12-28 10:11:20

I have also used the 10mm seal and it is cheaper