CARC Protection

Has anyone any advice/experience to offer regarding the CARC protection bar being offered by Lincoln Eagle Engineering. Having noticed the price of a replacement CARC and having suffered one expensive parking tip over already it looks like a good investment on the face of it.

The good thing about Keiths’ design is the little rubber plug that prevents the CARC protector smashing into the CARC in the event it gets used in anger

With hind sight (+ tight fist :blush: ) I wish I’d got one his instead of the more simplistic one I fitted to my Breva 1100

I’d be a bit wary of anything that bolts onto the Caliper Mountings, they’re not really designed to take loading in any direction other than that which the Caliper imparts.

I’d prefer one that mounted via the two outboard CARC attachment Bolts.