Cardellino ready to start

I think my Cardellino is ready to start up after a lot of years standing in sheds and barns. It has good compression and I have dropped a little 2 stroke oil into the spark plug hole every now and again just to keep the piston free. Is it advisable to put a little fuel mix into the spark plug hole to give it a bit of a boost when I first try to start it? Or should I just try it as it is? Steve

You will soak the plug if you put it down the cylinder. I assume it is a premix 2 stroke where you put a shot or two of two stroke oil in with the petrol.I would just go for it as is. Might be an idea to add a little more oil than recommended to help lubricate the internals.

Thanks Don, I will give that a go. Steve

Well come on tell us. Did it start, Don’t keep us in suspenders waiting to here the news. Is the littleone up and running yet.And don’t forget we love pics even if it is a very hot and sweaty Danish guy kicking a poor little Goldfinch!!

I have just got in the door from Poland so give me a day or so to build up courage. Steve

man that must have been a boozy night !!
I got drunk once and woke up in Leeds but Poland is going some
hope you recover soon

Go to Krakow Russell. I had the impression that the Poles would steal the sugar out of your coffee while you were stirring it . But they are lovely people. It is one of the few European destinations where I have not ben hassled or ripped off AT ALL. Steve

that is unusual
I work with two Poles I might organise something

Saturday 22nd April. Today was D Day for the Cardellino. I must admit that I was concerned as to whether it would start up or not but I need not have worried. I put a couple of litres of fuel in and gave the carb a little tickle and it fired up first kick without any hesitation. I was very surprised how easy it kicks over. The clutch was a disappointment and so i am going to order some new plates and sort that out. There are still things to sort out but knowing that the engine runs is a big step forward. Steve

Congrats. A big boost when you make progress like that. You must be well pleased.