Carl Alison wiring diagrams on thisoldtractor

Are not there anymore, what a shame.
Site says;

"My apologies to everyone that is accessing this site and not finding what they’re looking for.
Actions of the Wild Guzzi forum staff has convinced me that I want nothing to do with the Moto Guzzi community any more.

I want to thank the myriad folks that have sent me error reports over the years.
The schematics are still available at "

Carl Allison’s drawings are good but I keep finding small errors, I’m working on the 1100 Breva at the moment and two wires noted in the Moto Guzzi handbook as being colour Bi (White) he has drawn as B (Blue) not large errors but they could cause confusion or at worst malfunction, so be aware.

No idea, but the thread he started yesterday siting the Mods as the reason for his departure has disapeared today

Cool I am going to have to order one of those!

I have some of Chris950s drawings they are brilliant and as he also laminates them i have 2 of them sat on the coffee table they are works of art. THANK YOU for such a brilliant Job IF you ever get around to the V11 Le mans/sport I will have one of those too.

There IS one in the back of the manual BUT it is so small hard to see EVEN after going to Spec …“a well known highstreet opticians!”

I too have some of Chris950’s drawings and confirm their clarity and ease of use. Much better than any wiring diagram you will find anywhere!

Carl’s diagrams are back up again, this time with a warning about copyright.sportissimo.html

I have drawn a few of these now in my own format and have used the ones in the Guzzi workshop manuals, I have noted that whilst Carl Allison’s diagrams are generally very good there are a few errors, with colours Bi (White) and B (Blue) confused, so beware.Â