cat d bike

Would you be put off buying a cat d bike if you saw photos of just very minimal cosmetic damage

Not at all as long as the deal stacks up. A friend bought a cat d to pass her test and even managed to sell at a profit a year later.

The only thing that would put me off would be a Q plate, I made the mistake of buying a Bonnie with one on a few years back and despite fulfilling all the requirements to have it changed to a year related reg the ‘helpful’ people at the DVLA flatly refused to do it.

thanks, my concern is how much less would it be worth if it was repaired back to original standard I read on the web as a guide it is worth 30 % less as a trade in.
so a 6 grand bike is worth 4 grand. i need to get it for 3 thousand if it needs a thousand spending on it just to have not actualy have lost money.