Ccant get rear spindle out - Cali 1100

I cant get the rear wheel spindle out - loosened the pinch bolt on left side, big bolt off right, it comes out about an inch tahen wont move at all. Tried whacking it with block of wood and big hammer, wont move. Wheel spins on spindle.

Any suggestions, always came out easily before but now it just wont come out

Heat, penetrating oil and a drift smaller in diameter than the spindle brute force and perseverance. Work it to and fro to work the anti seize in.

Rust,The bearing will not let it past.
It may be a drift job

Put a chock of wood under the back wheel so that isn’t hanging on the spindle when your trying to bash it out. Then use something soft to hit it, block of wood or a rawhide mallet as you are doing. Resist the temptation to go for the big “adjuster” that will just cause more damage

Try and get a pieceof Brass rod to use as a drift,Slightly smaller than the axle

Maybe find a mate to HOLD a sledge hammer on the opposite side to minimise any bounce

If your doing all this to get it out the shock could well brinell the bearings so give them a good coat of checking for knotchiness (if that’s a word )


Does the brake caliper carrier form a spacer on these models, like on the earlier tonti bikes? If so could it be this that has corroded onto the spindle. But without removing the spindle, you cant move the bracket back from its locating peg on the swing arm.
You mentioned you stripped the thread on the spindle. Was this due to the nut being rusted onto the spindle or is this a clue to why the spindle won’t come out?
Try removing the pinch bolt and GENTLY opening up the clamp with a screwdiver down the slot.Don-Spada2014-04-10 10:35:42

Keep knocking the spindle both ways, first try to remove it then whack it back in place. Keep this up and each time it will move a little more. Don’t just keep trying to knock it out.

As the spindle is knackered, put some mole grips on the thread end and try turning it, plus heat and penetrating fluid, combination of the three should sort it out

try mole grips on the non threaded end first if there is enough to grip.

If you need a slide hammer type bearing puller let me know and I will drop one around. Well done on getting the spindle out.
HaydnR2014-04-12 21:04:32

Thanks Haydn, if i get stuck i,ll let you know and pop over when i am at silver sands walking boy and dog

Is the spindle knackered?

The thread is (see earlier posts)

if you want to send it me I might be able to reform thread for you