Centenary on TV

From someone who took part in the filming:

“The 100th Anniversary of Moto Guzzi will be featured in the new series of The Motorcycle Show to be aired on Wednesday 21 July at 9.00pm.”

Can’t stand Mr Cole myself, but will watch with gritted teeth.

We could have a competition to see who can spot the most errors in his report on the event. I was throwing bricks at my telly during one episode where he was talking about Agostini. He claimed to be a great fan of him, and was in awe of his multiple world championship titles, BUT, he kept referring to him as Giovani Agostini.


Hi, thanks for the info about Shed and Buried, Henry Cole is not perfect but he is more positive about biking than negative so I shall watch his show, anything that promotes the Club has got to be better than the usual clap trap that is so often read.

It’s probably his studied approach to dropping 't’s that grates worst for me than any suggestion of other ignorance. As in mo-orcycle.

Still, I suppose he gets some interesting bikes up onto the tv, and he is keen. And probably doing quite alright out of it.

I had the pleasure of Henrys company a couple of years back. I got a fair bit of insight into how the process works. Unfortunately programmes have to be dummed down and light hearted to appeal to a wider audience otherwise the TV companies won’t buy them. Admittedly he doesn’t always get it right and his TV persona grates on some, but he gets bikes onto the TV, which is a good thing.
Meeting him changed my opinion. he is a clever bloke and a good laugh. His book is a good read if you get the chance

Managed to catch up with this episode last night. I enjoyed it, and the club certainly came out of it well I thought. Review of the V85TT seemed fair too. I still haven’t ridden one and guess I should, but just have a feeling it would not be as easy two up with luggage as the Norge.

That Chopper they did up though, my God…!!!

I set aside my prejudice and watched the show last night. I have to say I really enjoyed the piece about Moto Guzzi and the club. My only complaint would be that it was too short. A number of members got to speak about their bikes, and there was a nice collection of different models. Unfortunately, with a hundred year history you would need an entire episode just to cover each type.
Thanks must go to Dave Impett for having the initiative to get the club on the show.

What channel was it on?


I got more excited about the Moto Martin project I’m afraid.

I think the XJ600 project was more my level. I was quite surprised they managed to spend so little and get a decent bike through an MoT.

I liked the Gold Star too.

Loved the way Allan Millyard just let his palms suck up against the ports to check the compression. He can probably tell within a few psi!