Centre Stand problems!!!

Having just returned from the Quota Treffen, I got some safety info.

The original V85TT centre stand seems to have problems, there were cases where it fell off during riding and sofar luckily there was no accident.
Apparently the srcews that hold it in the Nylocks are a bit short and can vibrate out.
The guys from the Guzzi Enduro Forum in conjunction with some dealers are leaning onto Moto Guzzi for a recall!

Has this happened yet as I pointed out as an engineer its usually not good practice to not have a couple of threads through the mounting nut as the centre stand bolt leaves a few threads showing. My dealer checked some other V85s and they were the same. Apparently the threadlock is supposed to hold them in (Threadlock isnt a substitute for full contact between a bolt and a nut - bad engineering for sure here).