Centre stand spring removal and fitting

Any tips on best way to remove and fit centre stand springs?
I bought a pair Sealey spring pliers but they wouldn’t fit


I had this problem back in 2013 during my rebuild.

Came off by me undoing the bolts plus the long gearbox bolt. After reassembly of same, to get the springs back on I used a long narrow bladed screwdriver, put one end of spring on bottom spigot then literally levered other end over the top spigot, then let it run down the screwdriver blade and off onto the spigot itself. All attempts at other methods failed.

Getting the lot apart is not usually much of an issue. Remove the bolts like Mike says and the lot will collapse.

To get them back on, I put the spring in the vice and bend it from side to side and jam washers in the coils till it’s long enough to lever on. Once it’s fitted pull the washers out with pliers/screwdriver.

The washers method didn’t work for me for some reason. Maybe I didn’t have enough!

I was thinking some type of wedges in the spring gaps, washers is a great idea will give it a go

Form a loop with a good sized cable tie, put it over the spring at one end and use a long screwdriver as a lever against the underside of the frame to elongate it to get it off the lug.
Refitting is the reverse except the cable tie will get trapped and you’ll have to cut it.

Used this method to fit the s/s centrestand (with kick down pegs on both sides) on my Cali Special. I had to fit THREE springs to hold it secure.

Get a piece of 1/2" copper water pipe and squeeze one end so it just slides onto the spring retaining pin.
Hook the spring on one pin and the other end over the copper tube which is slid onto the second pin.
Lever tube up and spring slides into place - wiggle tube out

That’s a good one.

My screwdriver method is very similar, but trickier to do.

I’d tried a bunch of other ways that didn’t work before I came up with it.

The “special” pipe is now in the bike tool box in the garage for next time or for HIRE :smiley: :laughing:

Managed to get springs on using 2 methods. 1/2 way through found that the 2 pairs of springs I have are slightly different, I guess the stronger pair were from the G5 stand.1st attempt with spring pliers didn’t work. Tried washers and got spring on but found the bending had distorted the spring (softer type spring), so took it off again. Ground down pliers so spring would slide on them and got one on. Couldn’t get another on with pliers. Tie wrap method nearly worked with the one really thick tie wrap I had but it broke before I could lever spring over spigot. Went back to washers, using a stronger spring and lots of very thin washers it worked. Now all good. Thanks for all suggestions, might try copper pipe next time.

“Softer type spring” ? …