Centuaro running on one cylinder advise p

Hi all,
just bought a 99 Centauro last night that has an issue whereby the right hand cylinder will intermittently go completely dead.
As yet I do not have the bike but thought I would ask if anyone has any suggestions.

First port of call I thought would be :- Coil, plug lead, injector and relays ( got spares from DP )

All and any suggestions welcome.

Hopefully collecting it on Friday so will make a better stab at it then.

Many thanks DarrylDazGuzzi2013-10-23 20:52:28

Maybe worth checking TPS too.

kink in the fuel line

Thanks, keep them coming everyone as I had not thought of that one.

Cheers Darryl

Is the Centauro fuel injected or fed by carburettors?

Centauro’s are Fuel Injected.


Run it with fault then remove spark plug and sniff it, if ‘wet’ and smells of petrol, no spark; if bone dry, no fuel getting in (stuck injector?)

I think I was bidding against you on this one, but I dropped out as it was approaching the price of a good running one. I hope you get it sorted for little money.

Swap parts from side to side until the problem changes sides. Simple…in theory.

Easy check first will be plug…plug cap and HT lead. Intermittent one side is often a coil, once they get hot they break down then once cool reignite. IF there is a condensor in the ign cct THAT can also cause this.

It is relatively easy to swap over the plug…then the cap…then lead then coil to check this out if it fails t’other side you WILL be a happy bunny. For the cost of a plug/cap/lead I would swap the lot over and check.
It can only be elektrikery, ie no spark OR fuel.

Injected bikes can , like all the others get gunge from this gawdawful ethanol but if the injectors (or carbs)/fuel line is blocked it is usually no go both sides. same if it is a fuel pump issue or blocked filter. Or even blocked breather.

I am not sure if the ECU would give a fault on only one side.

[QUOTE=Bikeralw] I think I was bidding against you on this one, but I dropped out as it was approaching the price of a good running one. I hope you get it sorted for little money.


I spoke to the guy at length prior to it ending and it seems genuine.

As for Centauro prices, well they seem all over the place but a one owner from new with 4800 miles on the clock has to be valued at the very top end once its sorted out and I don’t think £2600 is over the top for mine when you look at this one. http://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C205755

At the end of the day it is only a twin cylinder motorcycle and am very hopeful of getting it sorted quickly and cheaply.

DazGuzzi2013-10-23 13:29:19

Wow, sounds like a bargain. I think Centauros will become quite sought after in the not so far off future. Great motor, quirky looks. Enjoy…

Well I got the Centauro that i won on Ebay home last night and had a chance to see what it was like.

This is how the seller described it so I was taking a calculated gamble on being able to sort it.


This bike was laid up in 2006 with an intermittent fault where by it would only run on the left hand cylinder. The Right hand cylinder would cut out no misfire but petrol and spark at the cylinder.

When I tried to start the bike with jump leads (bike battery disconnected) the electrics were completely dead. All fuses appear to be okay (the motorcycle battery is faulty).

The engine is not seized and will turn over when pushed with the plugs out.

I have owned the bike from new,it has been dry stored in a heated garage and has covered a genuine 4800 miles.

I took all the bodywork off including the air box and this revealed that the bike was indeed in lovely unmolested condition.

I fitted a spare battery and there was nothing. I traced the battery earth lead to the engine and disconnected it. Gave everything a damn good clean and ensured the earth was sound.

Checked that I was getting a spark at both plugs so decided to give it a go. After a few cranks she fired right up on both cylinders .

Sounds lovely but definitely more noise on the 8 valve engine than my Cali. That said the noise is apparently normal and it certainly does not sound as though anything is wrong.

The right side coil and lead certainly look a little suspect but I have a spare so will fit these and see if that gives a permanent cure.

So far so good, just need to source a set of original Centauro bars and risers to replace the clip ons that were fitted at point of sale by the supplying dealer in 99.


Darryl ,sounds a good buy to me

Thanks Johnno, here’s hoping