centurian diagnostics for v11 sport

was thinking of geting a diagnostic kit from a company in the states called technoresearch…problem is when the drop down menu comes up for guzzi’s there is a
v11 sport and a v11 sport naked…
i only know mine as a v11 sport…its a 2001 bike
any body know what one i need to click on

Have you got a fairing?
What colour is it?

Todd at Guzzitech.com is selling the Technoresearch units for a lot less than technoresearch. He charged $179 US including postage and all duties to UK, whereas Technoresearch wanted $286 US. Once you get your model sorted out it may be worth sending Todd an e-mail.

thanks for the info,have contacted guzzitech

Guzzidiag is free ( apart from the inexpensive leads) and does the same and more.

+1Why splash out on the Technoresearch product when Guzzidiag is freeware?

One of these:


one of these kkl obd (blue) cables:


and this software:


The software you want is the GuzziDiag V0.42 the other software is for storing editing and uploading maps (advanced users only)

Hi Ollie

I have a three week old, never used version of the Centurion M software for sale.
Change of circumstances force this sale.

Bought via Todd Eagan about three weeks ago.

Absolutely as new , no box as he sent it from the USA to the UK.

These are $450 new.

$300 or sterling equivalent + postage.