I am looking at a v10 centuro 21000 mls

on the clock.2owner bike.
are ther any problems whith this bike that I should be looking for. ie cambelts .I have had griso and a norge1200 in the past I curantly run a 1100i cali.
I know every ones opinion is difrent but most will be helpful, thanks mick,

The seat is like sitting on a plank mate

Motors a diamond tho…

All the information you could need is to be found on the dedicated website .

Which is???


As Phil said have a look on COG


The actual link is much more useful than just a reference to a “dedicated site”.

STOP fighting you lot, thanks every one I have found the C.O.G site and it was very usful. and I get the bike on satarday.
its in need of a bit of TLC but mecanicaly sound.cambelts changed august 2013 and its only done 280mls since.full history from motomeca/3 cross.one owener plus dealer ( ex demo) I have been looking for one for ages now then one turns up when you don’t expect it.
I was whit a mate on sunday he was buying a cali alli. and ther wher several bikes in the mans garage and one under a cover, curiosity got the beter of me. wats under ther mate I asked, helifted the cover and ther she was. is it for sale says I and he saied NO. so I left him me number and said if you change your mind give me a ring. and he did the next day, result,

Photos of said beast please .

as soon as she lands I will try to post some.

Don’t we have COG in ‘links’ Brian or were you just wanting it in words ?

it landed on satarday I took it for its firs run and 15mils later. oil every wher.after years of looking I finaly bought aDOG!!!

look under the sump oil every wher. its running down the back of the engine on to the exhust collector box and down the side of the engine all over the starter motor. when the bike arrived by courier I diped the oil be for starting it I had to put a litr of oil in to bring it to the full mark,( dipstick screwed in) it started fine but would not tick over. took it for a short run 15mls and every time I stoped it cut out and I could smell hot oil, back to my place and the oil was coming out like a water fall.

any one now this bike.

Read this link and check to see if the oil lines to the oil cooler have been upgraded ( factory recall ) .
These lines also run to the back of the sump.

This is a VERY common weakness apparently and would give same symptoms as your bike.

I had no idea as to whether mine had been changed so I asked the question. Read on !


If that is not the cause, check the cylinder head oil feed lines- a tiny leak can make one hell of a mess.

Hopefully it will be something reasonable simple to fix.

bike fixed its returned to its previos owener. he piktit up at 10.30 this morning.
I could not take a chance I don’t know how long it had been in use like that. bering in mind when it was deliverd sataday ther was no oil in the sump. so me and the cali will ride on.

I hadn’t realised that you had bought this crock of abused rubbish until i saw it on Ebay AGAIN tonight.

Look closely at the photos of the offside rocker cover

Very Poor Example of a Centauro

No wonder you had issues, even Stevie Wonder thought it was a dog when he was asked to paint the engine.

Wise move getting your money back AND I just hope no one else on this Forum bids on this DOG!!!. DazGuzzi2014-03-21 09:51:21

Hi Buzz, don’t feel too bad about buying it, at least you got your money back.
We all have been “done” at one time or another and have been blinded by something we desperately want or it looks good tarted up.
The right one will fall into your lap when you are least expecting it.
Good luck in your search.