Chain drive Guzzi?

Forget the singles and earlier twins, spotted on eBay is a chain cutter that appeared on my Moto Guzzi search, if you search on the item description you will find it fits all Moto Guzzi shaft drive bikes too!

Beats packets of pasta any day :wink:
When I saw the heading I thought it was something about the Magni chain drive conversion. I never worked out if it was truth or urban myth.

Doesn’t fit a Cali 3 according to the compatability check and they don’t go back as far as my Stornello!


This yet another in the eBay auctions for useless stuff, like rear disc brake pads for a 1974 750s, some even note them as right hand side! Apparently there is an error in the Brembo database, but still suppliers keep on trying to sell them. I think I will have to put an auction on for a spirit level bubble, and just send an empty envelope to the winning bidder :smiley:

Excellent ! Just what I need for my 850T. I see it will work on my BMW twin too. :smiley:

Reminds me of a Mike Harding joke. As a green novice at his first job, was sent to the stores for a new bubble for the spirit level.
“Do you want a round 'un or a square 'un?”
“Er, he said a square 'un.”
“That’s a shame. We did have a square 'un this morning, but somebody dropped it and knocked all the corners off”