Change of meeting time November to March

Last Sunday we had a few visitors from afar , all of whom travelled some distance, so they arrived earlier to allow them to journey home in the light
we discussed this afterwards and have decided that from November to March our Sunday meeting time will be from midday until 2pm ( or later if people want to stay)
To allow people to get back earlier or stop and eat en route

see you all tomorrow at 12.00
I shall be in the batmobile as the Guzzi is staying with a friend ( unwanted night time visitors)

I will write to the editor to let him know
but the meeting time will now be 1pm 2nd sunday of the month
a few of the old age pensioners cannot make it for 12, as they like to get a full 3 course lunch down the Salvation Army before tootling over !!
that way if any one arrives earlier we can still meet up with them

we had a nice meet up yesterday
with a new Member Salvatori coming along, he is the proud owner of an Ercole , which runs and is being fettled
looking forward to seeing it in the flesh

Do you intend to revert to 14:00 meetings in the summer months (Apr - Oct)? I ask so that we can get it right in Gambalunga.

Best wishes Chris

We had a meeting on Sunday, a few of the geriatric riders are only able to make it by one pm
so we are changing the meeting time to 1pm for every meeting from now on winter and summer
frankly 2pm is a bugger for me as I get caught up in the Sunday afternoon mongfest of high powered german cars, on the A40
also I have to leave just as they are sitting down for dinner here

if any one arrives for 12, that will give them time to get a drink and relax before the ugly club arrive ! I usually arrive early anyway
sorry for the confusion