Changing Eldo from Boards to pegs

So, my bike’s a 5 speed US police Edlo with left foot rocker gear change and right foot brake.

I’d like to fit OEM pegs but not sure what parts are needed? The Eldo police brake and shift pedals are attached to the floorboard mounting rails.

Is the gear shift selector in the same location on the gearbox for peg and board 5 speeders (Eldo/850GT)? If this is the case I should be OK buying some 850GT bits…

Anyone done this or know much about it?

I’ll try and remember to take some photos of my 850GT over the weekend…

Thanks I’ve looked at the parts catalogues and they’re some help but photos would be great

Took some photos - sent you a PM to organise getting them to you.

Thank you Ian, have emailed you :smiley:

Folks, I’ve had a few people interested in buying the boards - just to let you know I’m keeping them for the moment.