Charge warning light on!

Riding to work yesterday sidelights on…all of a sudden charge warning light on no lights ???

That night start it, all ok no problem , so as I got to home popped main beam on , ooops charge warning light and neutral light on no lights…WTF?

Ok popped off headlamp, still same problem, wriggled 12-15 way plugs no still there.

Hmmm Sooo BEFORE ripping stuff off and getting the test meter out I sits and I thinks …

Must be something broke as all was good for the last 600 miles …
What is the easiest to check as the symptom is a short cct

1 ) Check main beam bulb

YES it WAS that simple, new bulb job sorted SO if you have a new problem


Have YOU been doing something if so check where you have been

LOOK for the simplest solution before getting complicated and throwing money at it

CHANGE only one component at a time so you can follow a logical rocess

OH yeah sometimes new components can not be correct or working properly if in doubt get it checked.

On the what did you do last thing, I have been having troubles starting the Spada when it is hot, from cold, no problem but when warm, it’s been a right bugger of late. Halfway through cleaning the carbs, I remembered I leaned off the mixture adjuster screw as it has been running a bit rich of late. Probably could have cured the hot starting with a half turn of a screwdriver! At least I know the carbs and filters are all clean now!Going to take it out for a run to see if it is going to behave itself again.


This reminds me when I was trying out my new wiring and battery for the first time, OK until headlight turned on, which didn’t, but all kinds of other weird stuff happened like both turn indicator dashboard eejit light on simultaneously, and other funnies, and it was stuck like it. Turned out the black earth wire for Sprint fairing loom was accidentally omitted from the battery neg teminal… But still can’t figure out where the leccy was getting through and where to create the weirdies…

If you get yours to behave can you pop down here and take mine out and see if you can teach it some manners

Mike, I had the same thing on my Spada a while back, I lost the main earth from the headlight and could get all sort of weird lights coming on, the dash was like a disco!Hot starting much improved, opened the mixture screw out to 2 turns, buggered up the carb balance with cleaning them out so had better get the mercury tubes out Might just do them by ear, and do the old pull one plug off and see how long it runs on one trick for the mixture. On a plus side, I did get a lot of dead flies and muck out of the K & N filters, so it might breath a bit better.

Don-Spada2013-09-05 22:41:34

As a matter of interest, due to my recent gummed up jets hiatus I replaced them all to be sure, and yes consequently the idle screws went down from 2.5-ish to 1.5 turns out, possiblee 1.75, or thereabouts, and for years I’ve been saying “that’s not enough”. Therefore this implies that I’ve had partially blocked idle jets for some time … Worth a sperrymint to get a couple of new idle jets to try, not at all expensive. Bet if you hold them up to the sky side-by-side there’ll be more light coming through the new ones.
Mike H2013-09-06 10:22:32