Charging system 2012 V7

Sun came out today (hooray, hooray, hooray) little V7 has had an optimate battery charger fitted over winter (battery not disconnected) so after a pre ride check off I went. She fired up straight away and ran well for 30 miles, stopped at a mates for a brew and a chat but when I came to leave, flat battery. Meter revealed about 10.5 volts left in the battery, we jumped it to get her going put the meter back on and it was still showing 10.5 volts. So no juice going in from the generator? Anyone else had an issue with the charging system? Or give me a clue how to diagnose where the problem lies?

Many thanks

Had the same problem so gave it to Tony Botto in Didcot who found the positive leads going into the genny high resistance and bypassed them.

Thanks mate, I’ll take a look at that tomorrow.

its a common 750 breva and v7 problem, esp on earlier ones

check the white connection plug on the end of the generator wires. they have a habit of corroding and then melting.

the regulators also tend to fail on pre 2014 v7’s

Thank you for the replies. The alternator appears to be dishing out the volts but not a lot getting past the regulator. So either the optimate has fried it or it spontaneously died over the winter. Is there an upgraded regulator available? Seems a bit pointless putting the same model back on if they’re prone to failure.

Worth checking with Electrex a UK based company with most, if not all, of their goods produced in the UK.
Have had all good experiences with them.
Good luck

The later v7 2013/14 onwards I think sorts the problem and you can get new plug to use too

Before you buy anything you should be seeing 50-80 volts AC of the two yellow stator wires (when disconnected from the reg/Rec unit )