chassis numbers

Hi i have a Zigola and have been trying to get a dating letter. my problem is i was told the chassis number is not recognized. Can the club date my bike or does anyone know who can thanks Mick. sorry if this is already in another thread i could not find.

There is a club dating officer, it used to be Mike Lacey, but I’m not sure who it is now. On the main website it says,

“Members may request one officially recognised machine dating letter free of chargee per year, (extra certificates can be purchased at a reduced rate). Non-members pay £25.00.”

Free of chargee sounds interesting :smiley:

The contact email is machinedating at motoguzziclub dot co dot uk

It’s Keith Nock now.
If you’re in VMCC, you could also try Mike Walker. He is the Guzzi marque specialist, and also a MGCGB member. Although doesn’t come on here as far as I know.

As far as I now , the VMCC can’t do any Machine Dating anymore.

Keith is on here, normally every other day

Cheers Uki

Thanks for this info i am new to this club this year so still trying to find my way around.

Where did you hear that Uki? They had (and may still have) a backlog) but I think the service is still available.

Either way, Mike can still advise.

There is a good database of frame numbers on the Dutch Guzzi club website, link below.
Are you sure you are reading the correct part of the stampings for the chassis number. It should incorporate 2 stars and possibly have a letter preceeding the first star, depending on the age of the model.
The other possibility is that it is a made in Spain Hispania model, details are in the link below.

From the VMCC Website:
We are not currently taking on new enquiries for DVLA/Registration as we are working through a backlog. We are expecting to be taking on new enquiries around mid March 2021. Thank you for your patience.

But if you see their prices anyone is better of using the service of the MGCGB

Cheers Uki