Checking the oil level on a Breva 750


I wanted to check the oil today on a new (old) Breva 750 I’ve bought (2009 edition). The manual has a drawing showing the dipstick but when I pulled the dipstick out of mine it didn’t look the same! No min or max engraved only a line and cross hatching.

The photos show what I saw when I’d stopped the bike after 30 miles or so. I’d appreciate it if anyone can tell me if it’s only just reached the MIN mark :frowning: so thanks in advance for any help.


I’m only guessing but that could be ‘min’, and the top of the cross hatch is ‘max’.

I suppose you could drain the oil, refill with the correct amount and see where the level is.

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I think that you’re probably right, but I was hoping from someone who could give a definitive answer. If that MIN it’s actually a max I would have one stuffed Guzzi! :frowning:

You said you stopped the bike after 30 miles. Did you check the level immediately? I ask because if that’s you did, oil will need to drain back into the sump and thus raise the level.

Thanks Mike - no, it was about 10 minutes later after I’d taken me clobber off and let it cool a little, still definitely warm though.

I’ve looked online and found this query to be asked in other places. I found a Guzzi technical note on oil levels for the Breva 750 IE and shows where to fill the dipstick but in true Italian fashion, their photo doesn’t match my dipstick either! However, I’ve concluded that mine is just over the minimum so will be adding more and assuming that the top of the hatching is the MAX. How something so important and yet so simple should become so muddy is a bit of a mystery…

I was looking at your website and I knew that we had an interest in audio equipment too (though yours is rather more vintage than mine!) but I have a Clio and also love Kate Bush (and I’d never read either of those fascinating interviews). Something else to matter about. :slight_smile:


Mine is one of the new V7 850’s and it doesn’t have a dipstick, but a sight glass in the side of the sump. I thought this was really cool, but now I’m not sure. First of all, bike has to be absolutely vertical. If no mainstand, then you have to sit on it, or have someone else sit on it or hold it upright, while you or they look at the sight glass. (Can just about see it when seated on the bike and looking down at the sump left side.) Also, slightest variation of ‘lean angle’ affects the level. And then, if the oil is so clean that it is transparent, and you can’t see the top of it, then you’re not sure if it’s below the sight glass, or above the sight glass! Similarly, if oil is dirty but still no level apparent, then it’s over, but then by how much? So I bought a Clio oil filler cap plus dipstick off of eBay and today cut it down and put a notch on where I think the max. level should be, to remove such ambiguity, not tried it yet but we shall see!

I mentioned oil draining back down after engine is stopped because after a ride out on Sunday I came back home, and immediately looked at the sight glass after turning it off, and it was nearly down to min. While I watched, it gradually filled up to the top of the glass, took about a couple of minutes or less.


Thinking back to my ownership of a Breva 750, you are correct in thinking that your oil level is at the minimum level and the top of the hatching is the maximum level.

They did change the design of the dipsticks at one point, so presumably the drawing was not updated

Thanks Horton and Raphael, much appreciated. :slight_smile:

Just draining it out and measuring the amount that came out would give the answer?

I either lean the bike against something softer (plastic coal bunker) or put a block or wood under the footpeg on the other side from the sight glass to stop it falling too far and just wobble the bike the find the tipping point then check the level. I used a funnel to add oil then recheck but recently bought an oil can with a pump handle so I can do the whole thing in one go. Hold the bike with one hand, watch the sight glass and pump oil in to the level I want.