Chigee AIO 5 lite

I have always wanted to fit dash cams on my motorcycle. I saw a YouTube video about the Chigee AIO 5 and decided it was what I wanted. It has front and rear cameras as expected, it also has blind spot monitoring, using the rear camera. I also did not want to mount my phone on the bike for navigation. This allows for Apple CarPlay so the phone can remain safe and dry. It is expensive but I think it was worth the price.


I’ve got one on my V100…it’s really great. I love it.

Would not go back to Guzzi MIA.

Looks interesting - particularly like the dual camera set up. What’s the wiring like in terms of thickness to route back to the battery from the cameras etc?

The wiring is quite thick but it is easy to feed through the bike. The plugs on the ends are very sturdy, I found it best to feed the power wires from the battery to the front of the bike, I just had to make sure all the wires were routed through the same way, then I was able to pull them back to tidy them up where visible.

@Stumpyfingers - thank you.

I thought it was supposed to be illegal to have a tv screen running ? unless its used as a sat nav ?
I have mirrors that show my elbows instead !!!
my car is fitted with Blackvue cameras, but they are tiny and dont have a screen
I was witness to an accident, and the loud mouth yob noticed a dash cam in the car he hit, grabbed it and fiddled with it cos he wanted to see whose fault it was
wiped the memory
however my car camera caught it all including his sabotage attempt, and he failed to notice the tiny cameras concealed in my vehicle !
I think a dash cam for motorcycles is a great idea, but would only buy one if the cameras were small with no screen so they could not be tampered with