Chinese le mans tanks.

Link to wildguzzi thread that i thought would interest some people.


There is some really good stuff coming out of China now.
There are Enfield tanks that used to be dubious and are now really good. Guess it will be similar to the Triumph situation noted in the thread.
Good to know

The shape at the back of the side bulges looks a little odd, but the price is good.

Concur…still,… a good price when you compare it with whats bein asked for sometimes rusty old ones…

How about this one from India?
The price is high but it looks great either polished for a special or painted for a refurb! It won’t rust and it’s and lightweight.

PS I have no connection with the seller or his family, friends, pets, livestock etc. :confused:

That looks pretty much as the stock shape, as far as I remember.

All that’s missing are the recesses in the sides for the “snap-in” metal MG badges, but which is no great loss TBH.

Two pack epoxy