Choke failure!!!

I have been struggling to get the engine running properly on my Convert since changing the handlebars, which meant new cables. I thought it would just be a case of adjusting and balancing, but whatever I did nothing would make it run correctly. I adjusted the tappets with no change, so decided to remove the carbs and check inside, clean and fettle. Everything is spick and span and shiny (carbs and valve assembly).Whilst reassembling the carbs I just happened to inspect the flip top chokes I had bought a while back, to see how they worked. On the bottom of the piston there is a rubber seat, obviously to seat somewhere. I operated the choke and at no time did the piston seat on anything. A light went on in my brain and I remembered all of the comments on the forum about correctly seating chokes. Mine was obviously the wrong part and too short to do the job. Went to the shed and fetched the original chokes out and fitted one to see and surely enough it extended the full length of the tube and seated at the bottom.This is now the second time Gutsibits have screwed up. My bike has been off the road for a while whilst I have been “making it mine” so I haven’t been out on it yet, otherwise I would have discovered this months ago.A lesson learned, check new parts to make sure they are right, don’t expect suppliers to get it right all of the time.A good thing about all my problems, that are documented here abouts, is that every problem I have encountered has led to finding a solution and in the process learning a bit more about my bike and its workings.I still have to conquer the brakes!

Ah! Splash. That would explain a lot.

To be fair one reason why “If it ain’t broke …don’t fix it!” works on older Guzzis. I have never had a problem with the cable choke set up properly it is a hell of a lot easier to start it on a cold morning. On mine all it needs is a flip on and then off in Summer, On for a few seconds in Winter.

To try and get to 2 separate chokes would just add difficulty.

Guzzi’s do share many parts between model types I have found many yrs ago tho’ that IF the model range is fitted with one type of part you can quickly start spending £££££££’s just changing one simple thing that then results in many other add on bits.

Luckily for me I had great help from other club members well before the internet forum who pointed me it the right direction so I was able to swap things around without going nuts.

A for instance the T5 engine has PHF carbs… needs different throttle as it is an all in one on the T5 and Cali 2 …I prefer the Tomaselli throttle SO needed to know which throttle cables to use WITH the convert/G5 bars… Paul at Corsa sent me 2 differing sets with a note send back the ones you don’t use with your payment, job done , part numbers noted

Gutsibits do long and short chokes you have to make sure you get the right type.

If you specify the carb, then they should send the correct part surely? I for one, would not know which fitted which.Of course if you just select one from their online store…
Brian UK2013-09-02 19:23:57

They were given all the bikes details - they just screwed up. It wasn’t till I had the carbs off and could see the pistons, that I realised they were wrong and the reason for my problems.Old set up back in place and engine running fine, just going to balance the carbs tomorrow and all should be sorted.I’ll try not meddle any more, but I know I’ll fail!

Ah possible reason - they list one “Choke Lever Assembly Dellorto PHF” Convert uses VHB 30C ? This may be why there’s two different lengths (VHB needs longer?), but can’t verify.

‘Long’ ones here (go down to (45) )

[QUOTE=Mike H]

Ah possible reason - they list one "Choke Lever Assembly Dellorto PHF" Convert uses VHB 30C ? This may be why there’s two different lengths (VHB needs longer?), but can’t verify.  [/QUOTE]

Got long on my vhb30

They should have sent the long ones. They have offered to replace them.

Well there you go.