Does anyone know of a company that will chrome an exhaust silencer? The ones I have contacted don’t like exhaust parts.

There is a postÂ where Ray knows of someone.

Quality Chrome of Hull re-chrome exhaust systems.Â

They did the Lafranconis on my T3 a few months ago to an excellent standard. They have a special tank which they use to decontaminate exhaust components - the process takes a month - and then they triple plate them. Here’s a couple of pictures, one of the complete bike, one of one of the silencers. Â


Those look terrific. What sort of price do they charge?

I have contacted Ray and he has given me a couple of names.

PM on its way

I too have used Quality Chrome for various jobs over the years, and that included a pair of gold star silencers for my A10. The quality is mostly pretty good. And note that with cheap chroming you get sh!t chroming. Don’t use anyone you can’t find a recommendation for. Trouble with the QC boys is that whatever time they quote for a job you need to at least double it – you don’t want to be in a hurry. And I don’t just mean for exhausts.

Not sure what happens next year when the EU is banning most of the chemicals used in the process. We get to send stuff to India then I suppose.

I heard there was change afoot, so thought I’d better do it now if I was going to.

I was told long time ago, when I was having the Bantam parts done, incl. the silencer, he would he do it (the silencer) BUT what happens is the chemicals are very good at cleaning the soot out of the silencer(s), which of course then contaminates the chemicals, so they have to be thrown away and replaced. Ideally do a silencer once the chem’s are ‘getting tired’, so it’d be their last job and they’d get chucked afterwards anyway. Something like that.

I was questioning the guy at Quality Chrome about the impending EU ban, and it was a reason I have had so much Guzzi and non-Guzzi stuff chromed recently, but he told me he had been stockpiling the stuff he uses at the moment and that should see him out.Â