Hi all I’m looking to get some parts rechromed on my old Eldorado and I’ve previously used London and Brighton plating who were always very good, but they have now stopped doing restoration work. So does anybody know of a good motorcycle friendly rechromer preferably in the Sussex area?
Thanks Ian

Thanks for the heads up. The more I look into rechroming old parts the more I want to personally speak to the guys that are doing it. I may well have to travel!
Cheers Ian

Not near Sussex, but I’ve always used Quality Chrome;

Not cheap and it can be quite a wait. But cheap chrome is exactly that.

There’s no one near to me so I used these people as well. Did a great job. I think it took just over the 6 weeks they had quoted. When the parcel arrived with the finished parts there was one missing. I phoned up all worried to be told, “we didn’t like that way that piece came out so it’s being done again” and took a week longer.

I used these guys in Hinckley for a few bits on my Stornello, good quality work. They are close to the Triumph factory in Hinckley. Maybe a bit far from you?

Thanks all for the recommendations I’ll get on the phone on Monday. I’ll let the forum know how I get on.
Cheers Ian