Clarification ref Facebook

Thought it worthwhile to update forum members on the club’s Facebook page.
It’s part of the club media presence along with Gambalunga, website, forum, advertising, events and Instagram.
The club’s Facebook page was established by the then PROwith the agreement of the then committee. It is not universally popular and yet the current committee supports its continuation. The page is highly moderated by a long established team of administrators who are all club members. Two committee members are Admins. I’m happy to provide the page rules should anyone wish to see them.
Facebook does not have and preferential treatment from the committee and, in truth, some club information is not allowed to be shared there.
The page and it’s running are cost free. It has proved to be useful in attracting new members to the club and marketing club events. This has a benefit to all club members.
We are aware that there is a Facebook page that, at first glance, could be mistaken for our page. We are taking steps to rectify this. The standard ls on the Moto Guzzi UK page are somewhat more relaxed then the club’s page.
For reference this is the official club page
Several club branches have their own pages to advertise events and organise meetings.
More than happy to answer any questions on this topic here or via DM.
As has been said previously Facebook is a useful tool in keeping the club going and yet it is neither the only nor the preferred method of keeping in touch with club members.
All the best


Useful clarification, thanks Steve.



Thanks for the clarification. :+1:

Nice to know that there isn’t a financial cost assuming you mean the Club does not hand over any monetary amounts. My understanding is that fb business model involves collecting and selling user information.

One of the perils of a “free” service, which you don’t get with this private forum.

From my point of view, and as I’ve stated before, there isn’t anything that you can do on fb that can’t be done on this forum. This forum offers more than fb, but I constantly hear statements “i don’t do the forum, i just use facebook” and other variations of same. When challenged, a clear reply is never forthcoming. Personal habits I guess.


You’re right. The Facebook page is zero cost to the club in terms of hosting and administration fees. In common with many, if not most, websites, hosting sites and retail outlets data is used where limits are not set by the user.
There are advantages and disadvantages to all social media formats and these are pretty well documented. The club is in the forefront of offering choices. As you say personal choice.