Classic Endurance – Spa

Kate’s pics from Donnington that she posted up on FB had me thinking I might like to pop over for the Spa round. However, I’m not finding the web site turtally clear.

The suggestion here being the date is June 30th into the first July weekend.
I’m not entirely sure if this is an endurance event or ‘just’ a set of classic races.

Is anyone here able to clarify?

Donnington…Spa…Imola and Aragon appear to be the 4 Endurance rounds Butch…according to me Donny programme anyway…
Not sure how much British presence there will be…get the feeling that some of the Brits competing ie…Whitham etc mite have been doing so promotionally…

It’s brilliant, went last year and 2013. The four hour endurance (8pm till midnight) is merely a small part of a brilliant weekend. The paddock and pits are unrestricted and of course the circuit (and the old part they parade around Saturday) is breathtaking.
If you want any further info/help let me know


Is anyone else here thinking of going?

Rare these days I take a trip over the water…other than the Irish Sea…tho in my 60th year next…I would like to go to the factory…and to my Dads village of Hoshiw…in West Ukraine…on my bike…
Enjoy Spa if you go…and bring me a sticker…will brass you up at Clox…x

Karen and I stopped at Spa in 2011 on the way back from Mandello on the then new Stelvio. We went to the track to pay homage to my late father who raced there. Instead of a dead track we were greeted with a track day organised by the Belgium Porsche club with guest Ferraris. Access was free to all areas including the paddock and pits. Made the track come alive. Memorable hour or so :smiley:

Beat you by a year, my 60th is next month… :confused:

They tell me tis only a number Chris…I aint yet convinced !..

I will not now be going to Spa. Mrs Butch has me down for driving her around Toronto at that time. Ah well, maybe next year. And I’m clearly just a slip of a lad in this company.

65 in 4 months time. Not merely a number but release from working.
Am looking forward to it.
The weekend of 13-15 Oct is Martin Vermeer and my birthday do at the Lower Lode, you are of course invited.

Are you going to buy a computer Ian, so we can continue to enjoy your virtual company in 4 months time?

Hi all,i am going to Spa,havent been sinse the classic days of the 70s on the old circuit,but looking forward to it. :slight_smile: