Clean language please!

Hi all,

Please remember that if you replace a ‘bad’ word with **** and other caracters it still is a ‘bad’ word!!!

Ask yourself if you would like your 6 year old grand-daughter to read it! I certainly wouldn’t, and if you don’t have one here is what one looks like!

A good point well made Uki. I have been guilty. It won’t happen again.


I have one of those
she calls me grandad fatty
would you like her as a present !!!

No thanks have 3 of my own plus the male version, that’s enough to keep me on my toes :smiley:

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I just replied to another thread where I used a parody of the common phrase 'Tight as a duck’s Ae’.
When I submitted it it appeared as ‘a duck’s bottom’.
We seem to have some sort of censorship going on here.
I hate swearing but I do not consider the word a
e in reference to a backside to be a swear word.
Can someone please explain why Big Brother is now running this forum?

+1 on that David. The only difference is that I don’t mind swearing at all. How I treat others is far more important to me.

Roy Green from the Forest of Dean

This system has been in place since the forum was started, it is not something new. If you read the forum rules it states that “You must maintain a level of civility and politeness.”
If you disagree with this you will have to take it up with the committee or at the AGM (if there is one this year) it is no good complaining on here as (read further on in the rules) “The web team reserve the right to remove any threads and messages that are excessively critical of the…” the sentence is cut short but you get the idea. Do not be critical of the web team!

In fact someone from the web team needs to read the forum rules as there are a few cases where words are missing which make them a little odd.

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I will look into this. Including the rules and what is allowed and what not, I had made a start on this but it somehow fell by the wayside.

Now swearing etc. I personally don’t like it at all, weather verbal or written, but what each of us considers swearing will differ very much, so will look into that as well to try and make most of us happy.

Stay safe

Uki I totally agree regarding the swearing. Maybe I’m just such a old geezer but it seems the “ f “ word in particular has become a word used in everyday language - at least over here where I am ( U.S. ). Alright for the young un’s but leave it for when around person mates. Just my two pennoth.

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Bit confused by that. * is now offensive ???

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I’m also confused - how can you be offended by an asterisk? Perhaps if you are a precog…

Apologies for my rudeness by using multiple ‘…’

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Yes x10…123456789

I’ve always thought this when people used to say “sugar” in place of a swear word. the intent was obvious even though the word hadn’t been used.
The impish side of me wants to ask if the same applies to a certain biblical (mis)quote, but I won’t.
Point taken , Uki.

That was the important part of what Uki was saying. What you say to your mates in a pub is not the same as what you are expected to say in a public place where children can be present.


Is this subject relevant to a motorcycle group ?


@Motoguzzitrev1 : in reply to your question:

you are currently in the General Discussion : General Banter section. The subject of discussion is an element of the Club rules - and, by extension, the forum rules.

this discussion, in this section of our forum is perfectly fine. if nothing else, it raises visibility of the behaviours expected here.

carry on (o:

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Oh…ok…sorry for any misunderstanding…Rest assured, l rarely use expetives of any kind…both in my private conversation and on public media. I fear you maybe confusing humor with an offensive comment…we all need to laugh…(*)…oh ! That is inteded as a joke by the way and should not be construed as a replacement for anything offensive…:rofl::rofl:

I don’t usually wade into discussions like this, especially as the o/p is so old, and neither do I usually disagree with Uki, but in this case it seems to me that the ruling is illogical, and benefits nobody.
If a child were to be presented with ***** in context, then logic dictates that it can only be considered offensive if they already know what the missing word is. That being the case, the train has already left the station and it’s utterly pointless moderating the post. If, on the other hand, the child has, by some miracle of parenting, escaped exposure, then again they cannot be offended, because they have no idea what the word is. The worst that can happen, in the very highly unlikely event that some child is brushing up their reading skills with a session on the Club forum, is a question of, “What does this mean?” that can easily be handled by the parent.
I’m not advocating that we absolve anyone of responsibility for maintaining the family values of the club, but this is just plain silly. IMHO of course… :wink:


As these are the forum rules you should abide by them. If you want the rules to change then bring it up at the next AGM. Until then …