Cleaning alloy parts

I have returned home after three months abroad and my T3 is in need of some TLC. The alloy parts; borranis,fins etc. look horrible with white bits everywhere even though I sprayed all that with Halfraud’s GT85 before going away.

Anyway, I wonder if any of you clever people out there have any suggestions as to what I could add to the water before giving the bike a good wash, which won’t react with the alloy. I was thinking more of what I might find in my kitchen rather that spending silly money on proprietary products. :wink:

Typically, my Commando,which is in the same shed, looks fine as it tends to have as much oil on the outside as that within! :smiley:


Elbow grease…yello squirty bottle…99p…brill…

Don’t put stuff in the dish washer - makes things worse.

+1 for Elbow Grease. Not to be confused with other kitchen products that enhance/produce the “galloping white knob rot” on alloy. A lot of them have salt in them.
Had some success with a cocktail of EG and diesel as a first application and EG next.
As you’ve found GT85 is a good silicone lubricant but not so good as a protective spray.
Good luck

Help me out here please guykate. I should have put in my post “what can be found in a typical kitchen”. I’m just a bloke on his own who’s cleaning products consist of bleach,cream cleaner and washing up liquid. When I was fitting kitchens, I always marvelled at the amount of different bottles of various shapes and colours people had. So what is ‘thik’ yeller bottle you be on about then?

Cheers from Nick. :smiley:

You mean the old game of sending a sprog to the NAAFI to buy a tub of elbow grease won’t work anymore.
They’ll be selling bulling rings and tartan paint next.
Is there no end to this madness.

I expect Kate means the all-purpose cleaner of that name which you can get from the on-line 99p shop :wink:

Whilst your there you might as well pick up some skirting board ladders and half dozen sky hooks!

Wire netting seed was always a good seller

and tartan paint.

Having been sent to the stores to get a new bubble for the spirit level, I was asked do you want a square 'un or a round 'un? I’ll go and ask I said, came back and said a square 'un. Oh that’s as shame he said, we did have a square 'un this morning, but then somebody dropped it and knocked all the corners off… [Mike Harding]

Its called Elbow Grease …honestly !..will take a pic latr…it is to be found in pound shops and places like Home Bargains…like G4 says…google it…x

We had a storeman send his new Craftsman to the stores for sky hooks.
Big or small was the question.
Small came the reply. So young lad duly came back with 6 small skyhooks as the RA used them to hang telephone wire etc over roads.
So next day we was sent for a long weight.
LanceBombardier storeman showed him where the tea swindle was and said help yourself, you’ve got all day.

Sorry Kate, I’m being thick as usual; when you said ‘Elbow Grease’ I took it as an instruction rather than the name of a product. :blush:

I will take myself off to the 99p emporium and get some together with sky hooks,skirting board ladders etc… I reckon their sky hooks are excellent value at 99p for a bag of eleventy three. The problem is they are all left handed. Bloody hell; I’m in the wrong thread here-thought this was the NAAFI Bar (ARRSE) :mrgreen: Don’t think I would last five minutes there though!

Go into ARRSE and the Your favourite roads.
Page 3 has a video of the Applecross Pass being ridden.

This is the stuff,

In my youth an apprentice was sent to the stores for some half inch holes.
The store man took pity, gave him some one inch washers and the message ‘tell him we’re out of half inch, would he file the metal from around these.’

Excellent. :smiley:

Beware the double bluff, have been sent for the following which actually exist, a grommet strop, a pair of barlocks, a bottom knocker and a straining bar.

A sagger maker’s bottom knocker?