Click no crank mod

Hi, does anyone have details of this mod. I think it is what my Monza needs?
Many thanks and a happy new year.

I’ll post a schematic diagram tomorrow (today now) of my modification.

Many thanks Steve. Look forward to studying it.

The V50 uses the same starter rely as the big block models and this is how I did my Spada.
I identified a feed in the fuse box that is fed direct from the battery so it is permanantly live. Then using the fused side, took a new wire to the centre terminal of the relay - the red wire in this photo. I am not sure if the Monza fuse box has a similar permanant live? On the Spada it is used for the clock and hazard warning lights.
If no such fuseway is available, then take a live feed direct from the +ve battery terminal, via an in-line fuse and connect it to the same terminal on the relay.

Relay wiring mod2 by Don West, on Flickr

Have a look at the attachment. The wiring in red is the starter mod. I also put an in-line fuse in the dotted line. This way you get the full battery voltage at the starter solenoid.

Many thanks for the wiring diagram. Finally got round to making the mod. and it has been fine to date. Strange problem the other day though. Whilst adjusting the tappets one of them gave the feeling of a thread stripping. I thought it must be the nut but in fact it was the adjusting screw breaking. I have sourced a used one as unable to buy a new one but wondered if this is a known problem on the v50 or just a one off?

I’ve just logged on after a week or so away. Mine was the same. I found an old tappet in my pile of bits. I expect the nut has been overtighened in the past.