click-no crank relay

Having done the (now well known) wiring mod over 2 years ago on my 1200 sport, i’m a little anxious that the 15a in line fuse has now blown 3 times in the last week! Has anyone else ever experienced any problems with the mod ? any ideas as to what might be causing it? i simply replace fuse and she starts , 2 days later blown, and again another couple of days later. twice a cold start, once a hot start. anyone?.

If memory serves, it’s caused by the starter motor solenoid drawing too much current, and/or for too long. Might need taking apart to see if it needs cleaning and greasing. (?)

Unless anyone else has better ideas…

This may help:

^ Very interesting.

Bit of springy bent metal strip to earth the brush plate… :astonished:

The “click” no start happens on my Griso from time to time. I have found that switching the “kill” switch off and then on again alleviates the problem. I suspect this leaves the solenoid in a position which is then “moved” by the next press of the starter. I would be interested to hear if this works for anyone else.

When it happens on my Stelvio I put it in gear and rock back and forwards a couple of times. Works for me :smiley:

might seem a silly question but is it a small click (relay) or a big click (Solonoid)

In my case it was a big click. Low battery voltage was suspected reason.

Cleaning the battery terminals sometimes helps :smiley:

HI. I have a starter relay kit purchased from MPH Cycles in Texas which I intend to install soon. Occasionally i get click-no start but rocking the bike in gear always resolves the matter.