Clox forward 2022

This very weekend, in fact tonight, we adjust our clock’s (CLOX) and put them forward an hour into British summer time, and this very weekend the Moto Guzzi club UK, have the first of two rallies the “Clox forward” rally, the other rally being in October is of course the “Clox back” rally. Now as it happens I have not made a bike rally on a bike for the last two years, ill health and covid having put paid to any thoughts I had in this design :frowning: But Friday saw me getting home from work, and loading my W650 for the first of the two clot rallies, and heading out into the Friday traffic as I headed for Tewksbury, and the destination at the lower lode inn on the banks of the river Severn.

After a couple of hours I pulled into the pub, set up the tent, and mooched off to the bar for a pint and some crisps, while I waited on a few of my mates to turn up, before an evening in the bar, and a much needed sleep in the tent and warm sleeping bag.

I guess the night was cold although I never felt it all wrapped up and toasty in my bag, but the frost that greeted me when I got up to watch the sun rise told a different tale.

But the sun did creep over the horizon ,and I grabbed a few pictures on what would become a fantastic sunny day…

Pretty soon though the sun was up, and the camp site was awake, so it was time for brekkie in the pub.

Matt and Sammy getting stuck in

Next it was time for a mooch about to see a few of the bikes…

I have always fancied owning a Falcone…

But for me the time had come to head back to my barge, I am still not well enough to spend a whole weekend mucking about, so I loaded up and moved on out for a slow ride home.


Lovely stuff. Thanks for posting.

Cracking :+1::sunglasses:


Some of us got up too late to see the frost…

Great report, thanks for sharing