Club email communication

As one of the recent website updates to Membership Account Details, a new checkbox has appeared on your account under each Members details within the MANAGER MEMBERSHIP drop down box.
Once checked (RED) this will enable the Committee to communicate to you on key Club matters and most especially, electronic Ballot and voting systems.

You will need to SAVE your changes for this to become effective.

This is your personal preference, but if left unchecked WILL OMIT you from receiving these special updates and Voting forms in the future.

There will be a small piece going out in the Nov/Dec Gambalunga to explain this further.

My thanks to Barry Conway for his prompt observations too.

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Thanks for this update,

The actual section where this new option is, is in that titled ‘Manage Membership’ (on the MGCGB website).

It’s in the dropdown menu under your Account Name, top right of the MGCGB site, when signed in.

Note that, after toggling the new option switch, you also need to scroll down and ‘Save Membership’ (changes) to make this change permanent.

Personal observation, re: “Once checked (RED)” - Red usually indicates OFF, in most visual recognition systems. Green is Go, or on. Others may disagree.


Spot on, Barry. I couldn’t tell whether RED was on or off.
Of course, close reading of Chris’ post gives it away, but it’s not intuitive.

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you are right - Chris’s post makes it clear, but in parctice, visually counter-inuitive (IMO)

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I tried it
and gave up
its all chinese to me

I have just done this and yes it is counter-intuative. Green means positive, go, on… but red means negative, stop, off…
This needs to be changed as it will confuse people.

I can’t find the Manage Membership section. Is it on the phone app?
I read Barry’s instructions but top right in the app is my photo and when I click on this I dont see this option even and drill down through subsequent options, like settings where I would expect it to be.

@Mr_P the phone app is for the forum. to manage your membership details you need to be signed into the MGCGB website - this app won’t help in that respect

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Ah! That makes sense. Thanks Barry.