Clutch Cable ,, How hard can it be ? - T

I am After a clutch cable for my     T3 , which is more leaning toward a LE man than anything else ,    I have measured with a piece of string , 117cm / 3ft 46"    Gutsi bits dont seem to have such a cable ..   I tried ordering Parts off Venhills , and really didnt like their "take it or    leave it" attitude ,,     A few Pointers would be nice ?    Ian ?

i struggled with my t5 for cables and ended up going with the next length up

Might be worth calling Ed at gutsibits and having a chat

Speak to Paul at Corsa HE knows about these things sorted one for my V1000 and sorted the throttle cables as the T5 round carbs use different cables to the oem V1000 square barrel carbs…brill bloke but he is a very busy man

Just IMHO looked at the Gutsibits clutch cables page and reckoned LM1 length one would be almost exact match, albeit very slightly longer (?)

are we measuring the length of the inner or length of the outer
will measure my collection of spare if second hand is ok

if its the right size and correct ends you could always send it venhills as a pattern

The fittings on any Guzzi cable of that era should be the same, Spada, T3, G5 LeMans etc. They all use the same lever assembly and clutch end so you just need to find the correct length to suit your bike.

Shame about Venhill as Tonti bike cables were once a stock item and are still clearly listed on their site .
Considering their price:quality:value ratio may be worth another try.
Best of luck
Steveguzzibrat2013-07-24 21:38:40

Finally clearing out the garage, have found a bundle of cables, many Venhill although some rusty, will check for clutch cable.Cheers, Gerry.PS have also found some carbs, early filter systems, tatty Spada forks and a plastic alternator cover, will list on parts thread when I have sorted them.

The civil one speaks. LOL

GerryLet me know if you come across any Stornello parts in that garage of yours.

That’s odd. Venhill made me a clutch cable no problem at all using my old one as a pattern.

Have you tried Speedy Cables?

Parodi hasn’t got back to us so can’t be sure where he’s up to now on this

Would not be surprised, came across a bright orange Vax wet/dry vacuum cleaner which I had thought lost, any Stornello bits are yours, any use for a Moto Beta motocross back wheel?G.

 Ed at Gutsi bits sorted this for me ,      Many thanks to all and sundry ,     The next Guzzi associated problem is !

What ever is a Moto Beta!! I am sorted with the wheels etc, mainly just the engine to rebuild now.

Betas are beautiful bikes. Made in Florence, Tuscany. When I lived in Italy I had a Beta two stroke 175 twin cylinder for a while, fast and gorgeous. Sold it on at a big profit to an American who wanted to do the MotoGiro.