clutch cable

Not having done this before,I am thinking of renewing the clutch cable on the Aquila Nera Nevada 750, with 6,500 miles on the clock. Been having problems on gear change,will be ok,then next morning I have difficulty in changing up the gears,unless I alter the adjustment at the clutch lever. Could this be a stretched cable?If so,I was wondering if this is a straight forward replacement.I do realise that,looking at the area to work in,there are a few obstacles in the way.

check the linkages at the pedal and take up any slack, i wouldnt have thought it likely that cable is knacked after such low mileage

Agree that I would’ve expected more from the cable, given the milage on the bike but I am fairly new to motorbiking and don’t really know.I will check what you said and thank you for the help

Not likely to be the cable unless you can see strands of broken wire.

The clutch does need to be adjusted periodically if you are ok with mechanics and spanner twirling give it a go, if not nearest dealer.

Take alook see in the specific manual for a 750. BUT with Guzzis (The bigger ones at any rate)

Slacken the cable
go to the gearbox end and adjust the arm as per manual.

Then set the lever end with the correct free play

That should be job done. IF the clutch shows difference when the engine is warm to cold then there IS something amiss.

A new bike does somtimes feel difficult gear changing when cold, check the gearbox oil level and type.

At the risk of stating the obvious, if you do decide to replace the cable, use the existing one to pull the new one through, or at least to pull a line through, so your new one follows the route of the old one. I would also echo the point about linkages; my gear change problems were solved when a friend tightened up those for me - although I only have experience of the big block, and the Nevada might not be prone to those issues.