Clutch centering tool

I am looking for the old style and a new style clutch centering tool for my lemans 1000. I have two lemans one has a new type clutch and one the orivinal clutch. I need a centering tool for both. I also have another big block engine wich is old style original clutch so easier to get the tool rather than change both clutches. Please send me a message if you have either i could buy.
Cheers in anticipation. Les.


I have an old splined gearbox input sprocket that I use to center the clutch. It works fine. I will post it to you at cost as long as you post it back when you have finished with it. If you have an old one yourself you can use that.

Best wishes Chris

Old style ‘shallow’ spline tool or old clutch centre will work fine for both versions I believe, the number of teeth is not different, only the depth.
HTH :slightly_smiling_face:

They are the same, the later one are longer, both will work as a centering tool on either clutch

Sorry not to have replied earlier. Thanks for the offer and I may yet get intouch . Life has yaken a bit of a 90 degree left turn so not sure when I will get around to sorting my clutches. Once again cheers for offer and advice.

Take care Les