Clutch grease

What is the best grease to use on the clutch hub/centre? I seem remember in the distant past it was either lith/moly or graphite grease but was wondering if a modern synthetic grease might be better?

I assembled mine dry. Not sure if everyone will agree but works smoothly and no chance of flinging anything into the friction plates.

Dry is a possibility as there was almost nothing left of the grease on the old one but on the other hand there was a lot of wear. It just feels wrong not lubricate surfaces that rub together.

Something like this dry film Moly perhaps. No flinging of grease.

The Locktite dry moly film looks interesting but isn’t easy find, i looked at similar products but they don’t look as good. Looking at the wear on the splines i don’t think it’s caused by the clutch plates sliding when the clutch is engaged/disengaged but when the plates bite and take up the play between the splines and the plates.

The above is the same sort of thing available in the UK.

My suggestion would be to go to your local BMW Motorad dealer and purchase the Kluber Lube product that they use on their GS clutch and drive shaft splines. It is not cheap but is the business when it comes to this specialised application.



Decided on the spray moly, looked at the lubrication recommended for BMWs which in this country is a Castrol moly assembly paste so i don’t think there is any obvious advantage in either, only time will tell.
Thanks to all for help/suggestions.