clutch plate thickness

Just fitting a centauro clutch to an 1100 sporti engine, (winter project which will probably be next winters project as well), the friction plates are 7.85mm thick, would you reuse or replace?
Anyone know the thickness of an unused one?
Cheers Phil

Phil, the new plates I have just bought from Gutsibits are 8.7mm thick, these are the same plates that fit your Centauro clutch. Dave Richardson says in Guzziology that new plates are 8mm thick and worn beyond use at 7.5mm but he has seen many worn below 7mm that still didn’t slip. So at 7.85mm, I might consider replacing them as the clutch is apart, but a pair will cost you the best part of £100.00. It all depends on how much use the bike will get between now and the next time you are likely to have the clutch apart! They will probably be ok with gentle use for many years to come, but if you want to be a traffic light racer (here in Essex we call them boy racers, elsewhere in the country I am sure they are known as Essex boys!) or do track days I would suggest you replace them.

Best wishes

Cheers Chris,
Best to replace them, having owned an 1100 sporti I know the motor will have serious Grunt :smiley:

To be honest at that wear when already in there I would replace.
Look at your engine a gearbox oil seals at the same time, cheap enough but a couple of hours work to get at.
If already in there change them.

Engine is low mileage, (will leave that alone), gearbox in bits getting a coat of looking at, :smiley: