Clutch protection

Sure this must be covered elsewhere but any suggestions on how to prevent the clutch mechanism being covered in crud on a 2022 v7 stone?

The method I have seen shared a few times isn’t particularly ‘model specific’ and is best actioned when you have the back wheel off.

Long story short, you just put a ‘mud flap’ on the inside (engine side) of the rear wheel area.

Materials employed are usually a bit of flexi rubber/plastic - like a section of lorry inner tube. Cable ties or similar to secure. Bit of a doddle with the rear wheel out and silencers off. Even more of a doddle if you’re the lucky one who has the bike up on a hydraulic bench. Whilst you’re in that situation, take time to thoroughly de-crud and suitably lubricate the clutch mech and operating area, and (for good measure) the gear-change linkages too.



There are “fender extender” type products available. Many owners make a DIY mudflap from rubber matting and attach it to cover the area.

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What on earth is a gender extender? My mind is working overtime!!!

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+1, I got a cheap mudflap for small motorbikes off eBay, cut to required shape/size with scissors, attached to front of rear mudguard with 2 cable ties. There is a slot on each side of the plastic mudguard, for 2 screws or bolts, that had plenty of free gap for the ties. I think it’s down between tyre and swingarm. HTH.


Thanks all, cheap flap was perfect, had precut holes that exactly matched up with holes on the bike. Local bike dealer, Saltire, charged me £2 as they had had it laying around so long it wasn’t on their computer system!


Thanks see message below. Perfect :grinning:

I’m a big fan of mud flaps, as above, but am also considering enclosing the pivot end of the lever arm on the back of the gearbox in a clutch arm boot from a Honda car and then packing it with gease for extra slippiness. It’ll be a swinging arm out job but should do the job.