CO2 Emissions

Just been looking tat the MOT/tax status on my Breva 1100 and according to .GOV.UK it has ZERO CO2 emissions … which is nice if a little surprising :wink: :wink:

Does that mean if I’m desperate and stupid enough I can ride into London with is new regulations?

I think that just means they have no data.
I have a little experience in registering vehicles and it seem DVLA are quite random in checking the information that gets into the system, either via the automated system or the manual forms.
I don’t know what it means with regard to London ULEZ though.

I don’t this is directly relevant to ULEZ. It is more to do with whether your vehicle meets Euro 4or 5 etc. bikes registered after 2007 should be Ok’ but yours may be before then in which case you may well be liable for the charge. It may say something on your V5 but it didn’t on my 1200 sport which was after the date. I don’t think it is clear how they will enforce for vehicles they may not have data for.

The Euro standard is not just about Co2 it is all emissions such as particulates, organics, NOX, So2 etc.

I’ve been doing a bit of digging since the 1st post.

On the .GOV MOT site it for my old 95 Cali it says “CO2 Emissions:- Not Available” where the 05 Breva 1100 says “Zero” so I suspect its not a lack of data

However , I’ve also read that the Breva 1100 was the 1st European (an early adopter) Euro 3 rated bike so maybe that’s why it shows zero CO2 emissions :confused: :confused:

Anyway, the website for the ULEZ says that Motorcycles have to be Euro 3 compliant to get in, so when hell freezes over I’m off :wink:

Well if your Breva is Euro 3 then it must be what it says here: :smiley:


It’s definately not ‘zero emissions’!

Only bike I have which statrs the CO2 on the V5 is my GP450 @ 105g per km. It’s supposedly Euro 3 compliant but definately not Euro 4.


Looks like they don’t test CO2 at all for Euro 2,3 etc, only CO, NOX and hydrocarbons, so the CO2 is not relevant. I don’t think there is any legislation relating to CO2 emissions of bikes, probably because they are deemed to be inconsequential and/or too difficult to measure. Could be why it is zero rated.

Looks like they might be intending to test particulates in the future as well.

I assume you have to have a cat to meet Euro 3.

Hi i’ve got a cat he’s black and white and has one ear .His emissions are a bit unpleasant at times.

Oh yay-yas! :smiley:

X10 scooter’s got one, Ural’s got two.


Does the fact I own a small woodland, mean I’m carbon neutral even though we have 3 cars 4 bikes and numerous strimmers, chainsaws mowers including an Allen scythe :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: or am I just a petrol head…

It means you’re a petrol head who owns some woodland.

I hope you have a motocross track and a trials section in your wood.