coil checking

Is there a reliable test for ignition coils?

We’ve never found one Hugh…is it poppin and bangin ?

Ohhhh yes! Both cylinders, and no tickover. If is the coils, I’m just a bit surprised that both have gone simultaneously…
Also wondering about fuel, although I would expect it to run cleanly for a few seconds before dying

Also, once the engine’s hot, the bike has refused to idle reliably,and I’ve also noticed its got a bit more vibey recently

What bike is it?
FI or Carbs
Points or which variety electronic ignition?

V11 Le Mans. FI, electronic ignition. Just tried it again now it’s completely cold. No better spitting like a catWelshguzzi2014-06-01 21:45:39

Aha - sorry
That’ll be why it’s in the Big Block spine frame section!
If it’s a runner, then have you checked the balance hasn’t dropped off? Carb rubbers OK? Inlet leaks (WD40)
Good check to see whether it’s fuel or ignition is to put a LED in the ignition +ve. Boy racers use them on wipers and everywhere so you can get them for a couple of quid at local autospares shops. If it’s LT ignition you’ll see it on the LED
Personally I’d start with fueland balance but that’s only because that’s where my problems lay

Cheers Rob. Got new inlet rubbers in the toolbox - gotta be worth fitting…

Sorry I missed you at Pandy yesterday Hugh but if you want to borrow any parts from one of my V11s you are welcome if it will make it to Malvern.
I assume you have checked the valve clearances and the TPS.Steve S2014-06-02 09:57:39

Shouldn’t be coils, in my experience they either work or dont.You used to be able to test coils but you need a breakdown tester plus the coils specifications. Half an ohm out is enough.

Thanks Ian. I’ll start with new manifold rubbers and fuel filter. Any ideas?
Mind you, I’ve heard plenty tell of coils being OK cold and breaking down when they’re hot…Welshguzzi2014-06-02 10:17:53

Charging system- should be getting 14+ volts while motor is being revved. If not, ECU will make it pop and bang like a good 'un.

I’ve heard of it but never known it.Anybody with definite evidence?I have never seen a requirement for cooling or heat sinks for coils.Guzzirider makes sense.As with all things it’s one step at a time and if it doen’t work revert to origonal.This even is necassary if you have 2 faults on the system (fun).
iandunmore2014-06-02 15:45:18

.javahouse2014-06-02 19:41:14

I used to run Rita ignition with Dyna coils. One went for weeks starting fine, but breaking down when hot (they’re solid not oil filled)
I use a Pazon coil now. They recommend you use a heatsink though :slight_smile:
However, I do agree one step at a time to identify the fault. Change ten things at once if you have less time but more money.

Just put new inlet rubbers on: left hand one had a huge split around 1 end. I wonder…