Colour matching panniers..

Just back from wrappers, well pleased, looks 100% better. Why not an option from Guzzi?


i didnt realise the v100 has a 2 part seat, also those grab rails more substantial than what I saw, are they MG or aftermarket?

Yes, 2 part seat, the pillion seat is how the panniers are secured. That’s not a grab rail, that’s the M.G. standard rear rack.

i thought they had two big handles? the ones i saw at dealer are different to yours, see attached

oh wait, rack for top box?

Yes, you can attach a topbox on the rack. The grabhandles are removed and the mounting points used for the rack

Its a pity Guzzi didn’t make a quick fit system for the back box and rack , I like the look of the bike with the grab handles on , and they have made a good system with the panniers .

Nice job on the panniers. Looks like a good match. Was it expensive?

Top box looks like a Shad item, the mounting plate in the sales pics certainly is Shad.

I read somewhere else that the keys have Shad written on them , but the boxes don’t .

£100. I think it’s worth it. It’s annoying that Guzzi don’t give you the option of colour matching, but how much extra would they charge? It was matched using old fashioned sample cards and eyeballs :smile:. chilli red apparently.


I think that is good value. It would have cost more to paint them.

Very nice, and can be rewrapped if scratched…!! :astonished::wink: